30K Match Oppty

Every Donation in March will be matched creating $60,000 we will invest directly in alleviating human suffering in Maine through our media grants.

In 2019, Storm Warriors created 6 recommendation committees across Maine focused on identifying non profit organizations that are working to alleviate human suffering, such as homelessness, sex trafficking, addiction, poverty, hunger, and more. Storm Warriors will be embeding and engaging with 8-12 organizations this year to create all-encompassing media and communication tools to help them tell their stories, locate the resources they need, and continue to have a huge impact for social good.

The $60,000 we raise will enable us to invest an additional $10k in each of our 6 locations' recommendations, which will go towards additional videography, design, marketing, and more.

Climb aboard and be a Storm Warrior today with your generous gift.

To learn more about Storm Warriors, please check out this video: